Water Street, Vancouver, BC
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We’re sad to say that Storyeum has officially closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy. Having personally visited this wonderful place, it’s a sad day for Vancouver tourism.

Storyeum is unofficially, but claimed to be, Vancouver’s newest tourist attraction, located at 142 Water Street, Vancouver. Storyeum is located in the largely touristy area of the Gastown neighbourhood ofVancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Storyeum offers up a live, interactive, educational, re-creation of British Columbia’s history through special effects, actors and actresses in a 65 minute show.

The Storyeum concept was officially conceived in 2000 by its founder Danny Guillaume. To help fulfill his concept, Danny founded Historical Xperiences Inc. (HCI) to create and manage Storyeum. Storyeum officially opened in June of 2004.

The theatrical adventure predominantly takes place under the streets of Gastown. The entire show duration is approximatly 65 minutes. For full enjoyment and story telling continuity, Storyeum breaks from the traditional performance/play by making guests move from set to set. In total, there are 8 sets, including the 360 degree visual demonstrations in the two passenger lifts.

  • Storyeum is bigger than six NHL regulation size ice rinks, 104,000 square feet.
  • Storyeum is one of the biggest tourist attractions built since EXPO 86.
  • The passenger lifts used in the first and last set are one of the world’s biggest.
  • The passenger lifts are capable of transporting 200 people or 25,000 pounds.
  • Storyeum’s replica locomotive in Set #7 is an exact replica of the Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive #374, the first to pull passenger cars across Canada.
  • Storyeum initially was a $22 million CAD private investment project and was built in 6 months.
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