Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport

3211 Grant McConachie Way
Richmond, B.C. V7B 1Y7

A world leader in international air travel, Vancouver International Airport is located about 15 kilometres driving distance from downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Sea Island in Richmond. It is the second busiest airport in Canada, with non-stop flights daily to Asia, Europe, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and other airports within Canada. In 2004, 15.7 million passengers went through the airport, and in 2005 it served over 16 million.

Passengers travelling through YVR are no longer required to pay a separate Airport Improvement Fee; it now is included in the price of a ticket.

Vancouver International Airport is one of eight Canadian Airports that have U.S. border preclearance facilities.

yvr_2Vancouver International Airport has three terminals: The domestic terminal, which was constructed in 1968 and recently given a top-to-bottom renovation; the International Terminal, which was newly constructed in the early 1990s, and the South Terminal, which is a portion of the original terminal that is still in use. The International and Domestic terminals can effectively be considered to be one building divided into two sections, while the South terminal is located in a remote part of the airport. The South Terminal serves regional airlines which fly mostly within British Columbia.